A Fight Amongst Men - Chapter 2 - cold_bones (2024)

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Kenshi stalked down the halls of Wu Shi Academy the day after he had overheard Johnny and Liu Kang having sex. He didn't sleep much last night, those noises were haunting his brain and plaguing his mind.

He was restless, to say the least, and tired, which wasn't good for his training program. It was a sparring day today, starting off with a warm-up before jumping straight into the action that was a good ol’ physical fight. Choosing who you were paired up with was not an option, that was usually down to Liu Kang, who set up which pairs he thought would benefit from fighting each other.

It was all about improvement and strengthening the things that held you back. In Kenshi's case, it was a matter of remembering to block and parry rather than going straight in with an offence.

He strode into the training room with his usual air of confidence, glancing around and noting that almost everyone was already here, save for one person. One of the offenders, in his opinion; the God of Fire.

Kenshi furrowed his eyebrows and moved to the middle of the room, standing alongside Raiden and Kung Lao while refusing to look at Johnny. Just one look at that arrogant actor and he would fly into a fit of rage, knowing what had happened last night, knowing who'd had their hands on him and why.

Kung Lao and Johnny were chatting jovially together about something. Whatever it was, their hand gestures made it a very animated conversation; a topic both of them clearly liked.

Kenshi stared down at the floor, his jaw clenched and his arms folded as he tried to ignore it all. But he couldn't. It was bubbling up inside him like some sort of infestation that just refused to go away, no matter what medication he used to keep it at bay.

A sudden new and powerful presence filled the room and made him look up, making direct eye contact with the new arrival. It was no surprise to see Liu Kang, all things considered, but it still made him feel more irate than before.

“Greetings,” Liu Kang addressed the room, shutting the door behind him and moving in front of everyone. His eyes swept over everyone, lingering particularly on Johnny with a very subtle smile shadowing over his lips.

Kenshi shifted his weight from one foot to the other. Whilst that grin had been tiny, he had still noticed it. His movement was enough to make the speaker snap out of whatever fantasy world he had drifted off to and continue talking.

“Kung Lao, you will be fighting with Kenshi,” he started, gesturing to the two of them. “Raiden…” he paused. Johnny was the only one left to pair someone up with, but…

“You will be simply watching from the sidelines for now. Johnny, you will be training with me for today,” he said, his glowing white eyes flicking over to the rather pleased looking Johnny.

It was unbelievably selfish, and Liu Kang knew that. He was aware he had no right to pair the two of them up to spar purely because of yesterday's little fling, or whatever it was, when Johnny could benefit more with a different sparring partner.

As Kung Lao walked over to him, Kenshi shot a brief glance over at the actor before turning to face his opponent and giving a short bow of respect.

“May the best man win,” Kung Lao grinned, offering out his hand to shake on it but was ignored. He could tell the swordsman was in a bad mood; it was pretty obvious, really. The way his eyebrows lowered and his eyes narrowed, his stance tense and his stare unforgiving.

Kenshi looked over at the fire god before getting into his fighting stance, his katana still sheathed at his hip. This was basic hand-to-hand, weapons were forbidden.

Liu Kang started with his usual speech about today's training. “Unarmed combat is a valuable skill to have,” he said. “Relying on having a weapon on you at all times could be dangerous and, in the right circ*mstances, life-threatening.” His glowing white eyes pierced into each of them, his hands clasped in front of him as he spoke. “Which is why we are thickening this skill today.”

It was silent spare the quiet muttering Johnny was doing, chatting to Raiden in a low voice, the two of them shoulder-to-shoulder to ensure no one overheard them. But of course, it wasn't quite as subtle as they were hoping.

Liu Kang noticed either way, folding his arms as he watched the two witter on, completely oblivious to whose attention they had drawn. However, he didn't speak up, didn't tell them off or reprimand them for their actions.

Kenshi was aware he was the only one who knew about what had gone on between those two yesterday. He could tell he was the only one who caught the brief glances with something more hidden under them, the only one who heard the way the fire god's voice softened ever so slightly when talking to Johnny.

It was damn vexing and, truth be told, it made Kenshi want to intervene. As everyone faced their assigned partner, he saw out of the corner of his eyes Liu Kang leaning closer to Johnny and whispering something secretive in his ear, brushing his hand against the actor's arm. Two or three hickeys were visible, poking out from underneath the collar of Johnny's shirt, clear evidence of their escapades just on show for all to see.

Kenshi was pissed. He couldn't deal with this anymore. Watching those two flirt so openly yet so discreetly was ticking him off in ways he'd never experienced before.

He didn't even think about what he was doing before he was marching forward, walking around Kung Lao and practically shoving past Liu Kang to get to Johnny, grabbing him by the upper arm and yanking him away.

All were surprised but no one had processed it quick enough, and by the time they had, Kensi had already dragged him out of the training room and was now pulling him down the hallways with a determined and purposeful step. The look on his face was intimidating, and that was putting it lightly.

“Kenshi-! What the f*ck?!” Johnny yelped, struggling to try and free himself. He was forced to stagger and stumble, Kenshi's ‘guiding’ hand being pretty merciless. He was not playing around right now.

He stormed out of the building and into the courtyard, shoving Johnny down the shadowy side of a building and pressing him into the wall. Johnny decided now was probably the best time to hold his tongue, and that he did, holding his breath and staying quiet for once.

Kenshi pulled out a pack of Player's cigarettes and a lighter, sticking the filter in his mouth and lighting up the end. He took a drag and then exhaled the smoke with a long, deep sigh, an attempt to cool off and calm down, but his forehead was still wrinkled with that glower.

Johnny's eyebrows furrowed. “How the hell did you get those in here? I couldn't even sneak in any condoms, dude!”

That comment wasn't taken mildly. A vein throbbed in Kenshi's forehead and he had to grit his teeth to stop himself from lashing out. “Why would you need condoms here?” He asked coolly.

Johnny gave a little snicker as he watched him smoke. “Sex, obviously. Getting off once in a while. What else would I use them for?” He said with an eye roll.

It was getting more difficult for Kenshi to hold back and he wasn't going to be gentle anymore. “‘Once in a while’?” He repeated mockingly. “Seriously, Cage? You're going to straight up lie to me about this?”

At Johnny's confused glance he moved closer, the smell of burning tobacco wafting into both their noses. “Don't play dumb. You know exactly what I'm talking about.” The snarl combined with the scowl on his face was emphasising his anger and the jealousy he was miserably failing to hide.

“I know what you did with Liu Kang last night,” he hissed, tilting his head back and taking another puff of the cigarette hanging between his lips, taking it between his index and middle fingers.

Johnny's expression morphed from bewilderment to something that could be described as embarrassment. “That's none of your business, Tattoo. My sex life has nothing to do with you and I think you're being ov-”

Before he could finish his sentence, though, Kenshi had grabbed him by the chin and roughly pressed their lips together. His eyes widened with shock and he instinctively tried to pull back, but the strong grip on his face made it near impossible.

As Kenshi's lips parted and his tongue invaded his mouth, Johnny could taste the tobacco and felt the smoke shifting between their mouths. He wasn't much of a smoker; being peer pressured into it due to the industry he worked in was inevitable, but ultimately he didn't like it and wanted to prioritise his health.

So he wasn't used to inhaling smoke. He grabbed at Kenshi's arms and tried to push him away, his eyes watering as he was denied the right to breathe properly.

When Kenshi pulled away, Johnny gasped for air and spluttered while coughing violently, smoke trailing out of his mouth. “What the f*ck was that?!” He complained, doubling over and leaning his hands on his knees.

Kenshi didn't allow that to happen, though. Grabbing him by the hair, he yanked Johnny's head back and forced him upright again, a steely look in his eyes as he enforced intense eye contact.

“Stop your whining, Cage. You're so desperate for a quick f*ck that you crawl at Liu Kang's feet and kiss the very ground he walks on? Pathetic,” he sneered, fingers curling in the actor's hair.

Johnny flinched, his eyes flicking with a slight amount of fear. He'd never seen Kenshi this angry, but he wasn't convinced that he hated said reaction either. “I didn't crawl at his feet or kiss the damn ground, Kendoll!” He argued, trying to bat Kenshi's hand away from him.

Kenshi scoffed and released his hold, grasping his chin instead and bringing their faces ever closer once more. “Open your mouth,” he ordered coldly.

Johnny was gagged by the instructions and the authoritative tone. His mind just crumbled under such a firm voice and that severe expression. He couldn't help but give in, opening his mouth without another word and sticking out his tongue, which is clearly what was desired right now.

Kenshi brought his other hand up, smoke trailing with the cigarette in his hand, and pressed the lit end onto Johnny's tongue, twisting it and really crushing the end as he put it out on the sensitive flesh.

Johnny squawked with pain and tried to push Kenhi away - unsuccessfully, of course. The hold was too tight. His attempt to get free was pretty half-assed anyway, and he found himself wanting more. The burning on his tongue was nothing when compared to the state of arousal he was being dragged into.

“Mmm…” he groaned, his head tilting back and his eyes closing, letting his jaw go slack as Kenshi tossed the butt of the cigarette onto the floor and grabbed him by the throat, pinning him to the wall.

“You like that?” He muttered into Johnny's ear. “You like being used and abused, huh? Making you my personal little ashtray? You're moaning like nobody's business.”

“Maybe if you stopped being so goddamn hot-”

“What, like Liu Kang is?” His tone turned back to jealousy once more and his eyes flashed with heedless possessiveness, his fingers constricting around Johnny's throat harder. “Maybe you'd think about him even if it was me f*cking you.”

Johnny let out a breathless noise but didn't struggle. God knows he was enjoying this, way more than he should. The prickling on his tongue hadn't died down yet and it hurt to talk, but that's what made it so attractive - the consequences involved in playing with fire, both literally and figuratively.

“What the hell is up with you today?” He grumbled, closing his eyes and experimentally pressing his tongue to the roof of his mouth, as though testing the damage that had been done. “We're not an item. Never have been, Kenny, probably never will be. So stop acting like you own me.”

The burn on his tongue had resulted in a bruise and the slightest pressure on it caused a twinge of pain to shoot through his nerves. But he faltered under the look he was given, and the hand squeezing the air out of him became crushing.

“No, but I want you more than he does,” Kenshi muttered, his fingernails digging into Johnny's skin, enough to leave little dents in their place. “I don't care what you think. That's the damn truth and I can prove it.”

Johnny raised his eyebrows and if he could scoff he would, but he could barely breathe like this, let alone mock the man who was doing this to him. “Oh yeah? How?” He managed to get out, grasping Kenshi's wrist in a poor attempt to get out of the beast's clutches.

“By f*cking you better than he ever could,” Kenshi shot back, pressing himself flush against Johnny.

That gave Johnny pause. He wasn't aware he was being pursued so hotly by multiple people at Wu Shi, and he had yet to find out that number was more than two.

“What-” he started to say, but was cut off by the feeling of Kenshi's free hand trailing down his body until he reached his pelvis, palming at the quickly hardening bulge. As Kenshi's hand rubbed mercilessly, Johnny couldn't help but moan, his fingers gripping the hand stealing his oxygen.

He didn't think he could get so hard so quickly. Not even Liu Kang had managed that, and yesterday was something he considered one of his best f*cks in years.

“Kenshi-” his eyes rolled back in their sockets, his lips parting and teeth gritting together. As he looked down at what was being done to him again, the view of those tattooed hands and built biceps flexing and tensing with each pleasurable movement was enough to make him cum right then and there.

Kenshi paused. He could feel Johnny tensing up and his body releasing through his clothes, raising his eyebrows with surprise. “Seriously?” His tone was one of mocking disbelief. “You came already? Are you really that horny? Did Liu Kang not satisfy you enough yesterday?”

Johnny's body trembled from cumming so early. Hell, they hadn't even removed their clothes yet and his boxers were already soiled with his eagerness. He felt a little ashamed even, which wasn't common for him - he'd always managed to last longer in the past, this was new for him.

“I, uh…” he trailed off, swallowing thickly. Yesterday had been softer than he would've normally preferred, and while he still enjoyed it quite a lot, he did get more hot and bothered when the sex was rough and demanding. “I mean…”

Kenshi's expression hardened. “So not only did Liu Kang get to you first, but he didn't even f*ck you right,” he groused under his breath, but Johnny heard it. It wasn't exactly quiet; subtlety wasn't Kenshi's strong point.

“f*ck off,” he sighed, once again trying to push him away. Kenshi merely pressed him harder against the wall, his grip on Johnny's throat now slack and barely there.

“No. I don't care that you already came. I haven't got off yet, are you forgetting that, Cage?” His hand released his throat and went down the front of his own uniform, unfastening the cloth just enough so he could pull his dick out.

“Mmm…” Johnny bit his lip, glancing down at Kenshi’s hand. “Damn, Kendoll, that looks heavy. Want me to hold it for you?” He teased playfully, already getting hard again at the mere implication of what was going to happen here.

Kenshi rolled his eyes. It was typical of Johnny to say something like that. He honestly wasn't surprised. “Shut up,” he muttered, grabbing him by the shoulder and spinning him around, shoving him against the gritty brick wall again.

“You're too damn co*cky, you know that?” He grasped onto the waistband of Johnny's pants, pulling them down with his boxers in one fell swoop before the actor could so much as open his mouth. There wasn't any protesting anyway, just a lustful sigh and a shiver as the cold air hit his bare skin.

“If you're gonna f*ck me, just do it already,” he complained, leaning his cheek into the wall, shifting his weight from one foot to the other in a way that portrayed just how impatient he was to just be filled already.

Kenshi said nothing and trailed his fingers down Johnny's spine, the sensation something akin to spiders running down his back. It made his skin crawl and he wasn't sure if he disliked it.

“Lube?” Kenshi's voice snapped him out of the reverie he was in. He blinked rapidly, glancing over his shoulder and straight into those brown eyes that were closer to him than he'd anticipated.

“Uhh… yeah. Back right pocket,” he replied.

Kenshi huffed, reaching down to get to Johnny's pants. “If you couldn't sneak condoms in, how did you get lube in?”

He spotted the guilty look in Johnny's now avoidant gaze, and his eyebrows furrowed. He stood up straight with the small, brand new bottle in one hand. “Oh, I see.” His tone was cold once more. “Did Lord Liu Kang give this to you after yesterday, for future use between the two of you?”

Again, there was no response. Kenshi was growing more irate and popped the cap, squeezing out some lube onto three fingers on his right hand. “I'll take that as a yes.” Without much warning he found Johnny’s hole and roughly pushed two fingers inside, forcefully stretching it open.

Johnny jolted at the force with a gasp. “Christ, go easy Kenshi! This ass is worth your weight in gold!” He shifted his hips forward and away from the intruding fingers, but they just dug deeper.

“After being subjected to your pathetic moaning last night? In your dreams.” Kenshi curled his fingers against Johnny’s prostate, eliciting a breathy groan from the actor's throat.

He pumped his fingers in and out at a ruthless pace, stretching the taut hole open just enough before he was sliding a third finger in and moving them at just the right angle to get Johnny’s legs trembling.

Johnny felt a sudden emptiness that caused him to whine with disappointment, then the tip of something stiff brushed his hole instead. The head of Kenshi’s co*ck eased inside without much hassle nor concern for Johnny's comfort.

He liked it that way. Being used, being filled, but without the commitment. Being loved and loving someone were things that he craved but avoided, human need versus human fear.

“Kenshi…” His voice was a breathy moan as he grinded his hips back into Kenshi's pelvis, getting him deeper.

Kenshi grasped onto his hip to pull his ass back flush against him, gritting his teeth and bottoming out in one sharp snap of his hips.

He pressed Johnny's whole body into the wall and rolled his hips harshly, forcing a loud whimper from him that filled the air and destroyed any subtlety they might've had before, however small.

Johnny's dick was trapped between his stomach and the wall. Every thrust and grind rubbing it against the bricks and making him see stars. It f*cking hurt, it wasn't comfortable in the slightest, but that's what made his mouth water with unbelievable pleasure, his eyes brimming with lust.

Kenshi thrust his hips, making sure he would leave large and painful bruises in the dip of Johnny's hips so that if he dared get it on with Liu Kang again, the god would know his place.

“Pathetic whor*,” he muttered into Johnny's ear and bit down on his lobe, trailing a few lingering kisses along his jaw until he sunk his teeth into the back of his neck, sucking to form a dark hickey over one of Liu Kang's as replacement.

It was almost like he was marking his territory. His movements were animalistic, as was his low voice and nefarious intentions.

Pleasured noises rolled off Johnny's tongue and it was like music in the otherwise quiet place of meditation and self-improvement.

The bricks in the wall were sharp and little bits jutted out, the cement between each one feeling like needles in his sensitive and leaking co*ck.

“Mmn… am I a common whor*, doll?” He panted out, hands on the wall in front of him, needing something to grip onto to keep himself from slipping deeper and deeper into the niceties of pleasure sending him to another planet of fantasy entirely.

“Yes,” Kenshi muttered, another deep thrust eliciting yet another loud and needy moan. “You let Liu Kang f*ck you, you let me f*ck you, less than twenty-four hours apart… what's next? You have wet dreams about Kung Lao too?”

He noticed immediately how Johnny's cheeks went red and his breathing grew heavier and more desperate. He furrowed his eyebrows, his hips becoming harsher and borderline painful. “Oh, you do? slu*t,” he mocked.

That was enough to send Johnny over the edge for a second time. He came across the wall and his own stomach, the cum rubbing between his throbbing co*ck, the sensitive skin, and the building he was shoved against.

"f*ck,” he groaned, tilting his head back and closing his eyes. He felt like he’d just ascended twice over. But Kenshi hadn't finished yet - he pushed his co*ck deep inside Johnny, slamming into all the good spots over and over.

After cumming twice in that space of time Johnny was pretty damn sensitive. The grainy wall kneading his tender skin and making his dick feel like it was going to bleed was overstimulating him.

He tried to push away, gasping for air. Desperate for a breath. But the small break was refused and he let out a dry sob; his co*ck twitched again, like it was getting ready for a second round. The overwhelming touches and rubbing was burning but goddamn was it hot, and he wasn't one to let by an opportunity like this.

“Oh god..” he spluttered, his throat raw from all the noise he'd been making.

“That's it. You take my dick so well, like a damn toy,” Kenshi bit out, putting his hands on the wall either side of Johnny's head to help manoeuvre his hips better, slow but heavy rolls dragging his co*ck inside Johnny's ass.

He bit down on his tongue and f*cked into him one last time before his org*sm was ripping through him like a storm. He painted Johnny's insides white, his hips stuttering and a groan being pulled out of him.

Kenshi finally stopped moving and let his softening co*ck slip out, taking a step back. He was quickly tucking himself back into his pants and zipping himself up, admiring his handiwork with his gaze fixed on the cum leaking out of Johnny's stretched hole and the hips marked with distinctive red splodges the shape of fingers.

The hickeys were another thing too, but they were more subtle. Unfortunately. Johnny didn't even feel them, pressing his forehead into the wall and trying to catch his breath.

It was only then that Kenshi became aware of a trickling sensation down his chin. Wiping his fingers across it, he looked down at them to see blood. He was bleeding.

He'd bitten down on his tongue so hard when he came that he'd split the skin without realising it, too caught up in his own org*smic pleasure.

He looked up again to see Johnny pulling up his own boxers and pants, zipping it up. He glanced over his shoulder, his eyes flicking down to the blood pooling in the corner of Kenshi's lips.

“Jesus, Kendoll… you're really something else,” he murmured, walking over to him with a slight waddle from having a dick stuffed up his ass. His hand reached out and curled around Kenshi's neck to yank him into a kiss.

Kenshi was taken aback at first but swiftly reciprocated, his lips parting as he kissed back like a man starved and malnourished. Johnny's tongue probed into his mouth, lapping up his blood as though he were a dog.

Kenshi moaned into his lips, grabbing onto his waist to draw him closer. Blood smeared around Johnny's lips and his teeth stained with the stuff.

He sucked on Kenshi's tongue, pulling out more blood for him to drink and quench his thirsty desires with.

“Damn,” Kenshi breathed as he broke the kiss, gazing into Johnny's eyes as though they hadn't just f*cked like savage animals, as though Kenshi hadn't ravaged him against the wall like Johnny was a whor* made for his lust.

They stayed quiet for a few seconds, simply staring at each other with their mouths looking like a bloody mess. Eventually Kenshi was the one who drew back, letting go of the actor but not putting any space between them.

“...we should get back. The others will wonder where we are,” he said, looking away and wiping his mouth on the back of his hand, smearing blood across his skin.

Johnny's eyes followed the movement and he was clearly still up for more, but Kenshi was right - they should get back to the training room or else the others might search for them.

So he gave a little nod and stepped back, forgetting about the gory sight of his face and leaving the cum-stained wall for the next poor soul to find.

They headed back to the training room Johnny had been dragged out of that day in almost complete silence, save for the occasional comment here and there.

Johnny was a little worried about what Liu Kang's reaction might be, knowing that the fire god would be acutely aware of the events that had just taken place, although it wasn't eating him up.

Kenshi, on the other hand, couldn't give a sh*t. He had other things on his mind - the feel of being balls deep in Johnny's tight ass and that amazing release, as well as that bloodthirsty kiss the two had shared.

Johnny pushed open the door to the training room and stepped in behind Kenshi, glancing around to determine if anyone had caught on - settling on the curious looking Liu Kang.

A Fight Amongst Men - Chapter 2 - cold_bones (2024)


How does Buck change psychologically and physically in chapter 2? ›

Furthermore, Buck's sight, his scent, and his hearing quickly develop a keenness which he never knew in civilized society. He is now even able to scent the wind, and he can tell what the weather will be like a night in advance. "And not only did he learn by experience, but instincts long dead had become alive again."

What happens to Buck in chapter 2? ›

Lesson Summary

Buck learns respect for the law of club and fang after being beaten by a man with a club and watching his friend Curly get killed by a group of dogs. Buck adapts to his new environment and his instincts grow stronger.

Why does Buck learn to steal food? ›

Buck learns to steal “secretly and cunningly, out of respect for club and fang.” The text states that Buck did not steal for joy, but rather to stop his hunger. He also has come to realize that stealing is a part of survival in the wild.

Why was Buck placed between Dave and Sol-Leks when pulling the sled? ›

Buck had been purposely placed between Dave and Sol-leks so that he might receive instruction. Apt scholar that he was, they were equally apt teachers, never allowing him to linger long in error, and enforcing their teaching with their sharp teeth. Dave was fair and very wise.

How did Buck learn to sleep in this cold environment? ›

Since, the “law of fang” Buck learns in a fight do not go down or you are dead. Last, Buck learns to adapt to the cold climate of the north. For example, Buck learns to sleep under the snow or you die of hypothermia. So, bucks sleeps under the snow every night.

What did Shawn do after Buck was killed? ›

Frick was the man who had killed Buck. Frick had meant to rob Buck so that he could join the Dark Suns, but he got nervous and ended up shooting Buck. Then, Shawn killed Frick as revenge.

How did Buck change in chapter 2? ›

On the trail, Buck develops a "ravenous" hunger, but learns to eat his food quickly so that the other dogs will not steal his ration. He learns to steal food, as well, after watching Pike, a sly dog, steal a slice of bacon from Perrault.

Why does Buck hate Spitz in Chapter 2? ›

In their first encounter, Spitz steals Buck's food, so Buck does not like him from the beginning. Buck's hatred grows when Spitz seems to laugh at Curly's death. Buck also does not like Spitz leadership style, which is needlessly aggressive.

How does Buck get kidnapped? ›

Buck is introduced as the protagonist. He is stolen by Manuel, a gardener at Judge Miller's house, and eventually lands in the hands of a man in a red sweater. He is later sold to Francois and Perrault as a sled dog, and here he meets two other dogs that influence his development, Curly and Spitz.

Who kidnapped Buck and why? ›

Manuel is Judge Miller's worker who kidnapped Buck, to pay for his gambling debt.

Who stole Buck's food? ›

At the beginning of the chapter, Buck has been avoiding fights whenever possible, but there still exists a bitter hatred between him and Spitz, and if we review Chapter 1, where Buck had his first encounter with the Spitzbergen (Spitz, in shortened form), we will remember that Spitz is the dog that first stole Buck's ...

Who betrays Buck and why? ›

He has a good relationship with his original master, Judge Miller, and then one night is betrayed by Manuel. Manuel has no sympathy for Buck, and just sees this as a lucrative opportunity.

How far did Buck pull the sled? ›

Once Buck is harnessed in, he first breaks the sled free of the ice, then pulls it a hundred yards. The crowd of men cheers in amazement, with even Matthewson joining in the applause.

Why did Buck hate Spitz? ›

Enemy with Buck

After watching how Curly died from huskies attack, Spitz laughed at her fate and from that minute on, he became Buck's archnemesis because Buck hated the fact that he laughed at his friend's death.

Why did Sol-Leks bite Buck? ›

Sol-leks is blind in one eye and does not like to be approached on his blind side. Buck discovers this the hard way when he walks past Sol-leks on the wrong side. When this happens, Sol-Leks attacks Buck and he makes sure to avoid doing this again.

How does Buck change in Call of the Wild? ›

Buck and Spitz

At first, Buck does not challenge Spitz, who is both the lead dog on the sled team and the pack's alpha dog. As time goes on, Buck becomes stronger, smarter, and more confident. His hatred for Spitz grows, which helps to bring out Buck's primal instincts that drive him to want the alpha role.

How does the personality of Buck change with the setting of the story? ›

Buck begins as a pampered pet dog who is then forced to adapt to survive in the wilderness of Canada. He becomes more and more individualistic as he adapts: at first he submits to “the law of club and fang,” doing all he can to avoid beatings and fights, but, as time progresses, he becomes more self-concerned.

What lessons does Buck learn in Chapter 2? ›

Buck learns how to sleep in the snow and how to drive a sled. He also learns how to eat quickly and to not be picky about his food (to steal food if necessary). Lastly, he learns to bite ice from his toes.

How did Buck change his habits? ›

How did Buck change his habits? (He began to eat faster so they could not take his food.) What does Buck learn to do? (He sees Pike, a new dog, steal bacon from Perrault, and he decides that he can do this, too.)


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