Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (2024)

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Looking for some fun Dr Seuss’ crafts for toddlers?

We have put together a list of amazing crafts, treats and Dr Seuss ideas to keep preschoolers entertained and having fun for hours.

So pick your favoriteDr Seuss book and choose some fun Dr Suess crafts to get creative with. They are the perfect way to encourage children to love reading orcelebrate DrSeuss’s birthday on March the 2nd.


One of the most fun Dr Seuss craft projects to do with your toddler is handprint activities. They’re messy fun, look amazing and are super easy.

Fun Thing One and Thing Two Handprint Craft

This fun and easyThing 1 and Thing 2 Handprint Craftfrom Meraki Mother is a great Cat in the Hat art activities for preschoolers.

Handprint Lorax Craft with Microwave Salt Dough

Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (2)

Handprint crafts are one of our favorite Dr Seuss children’s activities crafts. They are so simple and a great way to treasure how little your children’s hands are when they grow so fast. We love thisHandprint Lorax Craft with microwave salt doughfrom Jinxy Kids.

Cat in the Hat handprint craft

Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (3)

Discover more Dr Seuss handprint crafts, with this cuteCat in the Hat handprint craftfrom Nellie Bellie.

Keep reading for some amazing and easy Dr Seuss crafts. There’scat in the hat craft but also a gorgeous Lorax craft activity.

Lorax Truffula Tree Seed Craft

Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (4)

This Lorax Truffula Tree Seed Craftis one of our all-time favoriteDr Seuss craft ideas. Jinxy Kids has created Dr Seuss preschool crafts that are perfect forDr Seuss’ birthday, Read Across America Day, a Dr Seuss party favor or a beautiful gift for Earth Day.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Blow Painting Dr Seuss Craft

Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (5)

Thing 1 Thing 2 craft is the perfect way to introduce children to Dr Seuss. i Heat Crafty Things,Thing 1 and 2 Blow Painting DrSeuss Craft is one of the simple and fun Cat in the Hat art activities for preschoolers. Check out that fun hair.

DrSeuss Bookmarks – Thing 1 & Thing 2

Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (6)

The perfect bookmark for DrSeuss lovers and Read Across America Day. ThisDrSeuss Bookmark Design from Red Ted Art is one of the best Cat in the Hat crafts for preschoolers. We also think these Thing 1 & Thing 2Bookmark Cornerswould make pretty cute Dr Suess party favors.

Sensory activities are perfect for younger children. Not only do they encourage imaginative play but also help develop fine motor skills. These Dr Seuss arts and crafts for preschoolers are simple to make and will give hours of enjoyment.

Cat in the Hat Slime – Dr Seuess Book Activity

Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (7)

Your toddler will love making and playing with this easycat in the hat slimefrom Little Bins for Little Hands. Not only is it a great sensory activity for toddlers but makes a fun learning experiment too.

Dr Seuss Sensory Play With Kinetic Sand

Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (8)

ThisDrSeuss Sensory Play with Kinetic Sandis such a fun and easy Dr Seuss crafts for toddlers.The Educators Spin On It helps you create an amazing place for your child to let their imagination run wild.

Dr Seuss Inspred Cat in the Hat Sensory Bin

Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (9)

Living Montessori Now has created this Cat in the Hat sensory bin. It makes anexcitingcat in the hat art activities with your toddler being able to explore color, touch and texture while enjoying the fun characters from the book.

Love thesecat and the hat activities for preschoolers? Head over to ourUltimate List of Sensory Activities for Kids

Creating in the kitchen with your little one is a brilliant way to bond while teaching them great life skills like how to cook. From Dr Seuss cat in the hat activities to Pink Ink Drink, find lots of fun and delicious Dr Seuss food. They also make the perfect Dr Seuss party food to celebrate your little one’s birthday orDrSeuss Day party on 2nd March.

Cat in the Hat Cupcakes Perfect For a Dr Seuss Day Party

Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (10)

We loveDr Suess Day ideas and these too cuteCat in the Hat cupcakesare the perfect way to celebrate. Crayons & Cravings shows you how to create these Cat in the Hat cupcakes over on her blog.

Put Me in the Zoo Themed Snack Mix

Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (11)

Take Time For Style have taken their favouriteDr Seuss book and created a tasty Dr Seuss arts and crafts for preschoolers. This colorful and deliciousPut Me In the Zoo themed snack mixalso makes a perfect Dr Seuss birthday crafts for preschoolers and perfect party snack.

Dr Seuss One Fish Two Fish Jello Cups

Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (12)

Things to Share and Remember has created these fun and bright DrSeuss One Fish Two Fish Jello Cups. Have fun making these treats with your toddler then sitting down together to read the book while enjoying your handiwork.

DrSeuss Fun Food Recipe: Healthy Pink Ink Drink

Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (13)

Yink’s pink ink drink fromOne fish, Two Fish is a fun and very easy Dr Suess idea to enjoy with your toddler. Head over to Mom Endeavors for more.

We have found some fantasticfree printable Dr Seuss crafts. Which one will your preschooler love?

Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (14)

Get a free Oh The Places You’ll Go printable and let your child’s imagination take them amazing places. This would also make a gorgeous Dr Seuss classroom decoration idea!

Dr Seuss Word Family Hats

Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (15)

There’s no denying that Dr Seuss had an amazing way with words so what better way to help your child learn to read than with these Dr Seuss word family hatsfrom This Reading Mama.

Free Printable Seuss Super Reader Certificate Kit

Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (16)

Devlop a love of reading early with this fun Free Printable Seuss Super Reader Certificate Kitfrom Fancy Shanty. It includes a Weekly Reading Log,Super Reader Certificate andSheet of Super Reader Punch Cards.

3 Free Printable Dr Seuss hats

Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (17)

Simple Every Day Mom has these cutefree printable Dr Seuss hats.Choose from Thing 1 & Thing 2, Horton and The Lorax.

Dr Suess Scavanger Hunt

Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (18)

Tiny Humans Read has this gorgeous Dr Suess Scavenger Hunt Printable.It makes for a fun learning activity based around the Dr Suess books.

Our final share isn’t another Dr Seuss crafts for toddlers but we couldn’t leave out this gorgeousWhimsicalDr Seuss bedroomfrom One Happy Housewife. We think any young child would love to have a bedroom like this.

Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (19)

Looking for more Kids’ Bedroom Decor Ideas? Click to discover The Best Kids Bedroom Ideas on Instagram.

Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (20)

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Fun and Easy Dr Seuss Crafts for Kids (2024)


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