Groundhog Day Activity Printables (2024)

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Groundhog Day Activity Printables (1)

These free groundhog day activity printables are great for engaging the kids in Groundhog Day this year.Simply download and print the activity sheets for hours of learning fun!

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Groundhog Day Activity Worksheets:

Each of these free printable worksheets can be saved directly to your computer by right clicking on the image and selecting “save”.Or you can download the complete printable pack of PDF files using the form at the bottom of this post. For personal use only.

Groundhog Day Activity Printables (2)


Each of these work sheets would be fun for the kids to color and fill out.They are perfect for early learners to practise literacy skills, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and number recognition.

Create a fun groundhog craft with this groundhog puppet printable! Color, cut out and glue together to create a 3D groundhog.

The history of groundhog day:

Groundhog Day is from the tradition of candlemas and handing out candles to last through the last few weeks of winter. The candles represented how long and cold the winter would be.

Germans added the hedgehog as a means of predicting weather and later it became a groundhog. Groundhog predictions made by its shadow lead to a continuation of winter or the coming of an early spring.

It’s now one of those fun holidays celebrated in Canada and the United States on February 2nd. These free printables are a great way to help celebrate with groundhog day crafts and activities.

Groundhog Day Activity Printables (3)

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Essentials for printable projects:

It’s easy to download, print and color these groundhog day coloring pages.The hard part for me would be choosing what to color with…. markers, pencils crayons, or watercolor pencil crayons?!

These cute groundhog day worksheets could be cut out and glued to construction paper to make them more durable bookmarks to use over and over again.It’s a great hands on activity that is sure to keep older kids engaged in a groundhog day theme.

Groundhog Day Activity Printables (4)

Kids of all ages will enjoy coloring and cutting out each of these fun activities. This free groundhog day coloring page is a fun way to add groundhog day themed activity to your lesson plans.

Fun ways to use activity printables:

  • Create a coloring and activity book with a groundhog theme
  • Paint a printable, frame it and give to a friend
  • Complete the fun ideas with young children as a family
  • Print the coloring sheets and have younger children paint them in a creative way
  • Use the printable activities for crafts projects at a Groundhog Day party
Groundhog Day Activity Printables (5)

More Groundhog Day Ideas:

  • Use a groundhog writing prompt to have children talk about the groundhogs shadow.
  • Have children research groundhog facts and place them in alphabetical order.
  • Use a paper plate to affix the groundhog puppets to so that they can be displayed.
  • The best way to utilize these fun worksheets is to print them off and make them into little booklets to share.
  • Each fun activity can be used to celebrate a happy groundhog’s day with lots of fun coloring!
Groundhog Day Activity Printables (6)

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Groundhog Day Activity Printables (2024)


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