Honey Butter Croissants - Cheddar's Copycat Recipe (2024)

With a little time you can make your own flaky, buttery croissants at home with delicious honey butter drizzle.

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Honey Butter Croissants - Cheddar's Copycat Recipe (1)

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About Honey Butter Croissants

Last week we stopped byCheddar’sto celebratesome good news about new jobs with our good friends. It was the first time an old friend of mine and I had ever been to this restaurant, so we fumbled our way through orderingwhile our companions (who already knew the ropes) promptly ordered the honey butter croissants. I’m always a sucker for croissants, so when they offered one to meI already had my greedy little hands on one before they even finished the question.

As I was eating, my friend leaned across the table and whispered, “Can you believe they charge $2 for 3 of them?”

And at that moment, no, I couldn’t believe they actually charged$2 for 3 croissants, especially when these croissants were about the same size as a the bake-and-eat Pillsbury variety. The croissants were good, yes, but were they $0.70 a piece good? I wasn’t sure. The rest of the menu boasted fairly reasonable prices so it was odd that they’d charge so much for so little onthis one item.

But if you were to ask me that same question today, I would tell you, yes, I can totally believe they actually charge $2 for 3 croissants because I madeit my mission to recreate Cheddar’s honey butter croissants at home and now know first hand what all is involved. And it’s not even because thecroissants are hard to make – the process itself, at it’s core, is an easy one – but it’s more thetime involvedin order to make a proper croissant that can be a pain (and pricey!).

The key to a good croissant is to havefluffy, airy layers within the bread, and those layers are created by threading chilled butter within the dough through a process called laminating. Laminating is basically just a fancy term for rolling and folding dough in such a way so that the butter is sandwiched inside the dough and yet is not absorbedin the raw dough. This means that the dough and butter must remain thoroughly chilled at all times, and that chilling process is where the time investment comes in.

So while you can’t exactly wake up on Saturday morning and have croissants in a few hours, you can make them ahead of time. And I totally see myself doing that, because I now know from experience that it is so worth any trouble it might be to make homemade croissants. This knowledge will be dangerous. Trust me.

Honey Butter Croissants - Cheddar's Copycat Recipe (2)

Making these was a little victory for me, because homemade croissants were yet another entry on my cooking bucket list that I can now scratch off – and it must have been high up on the list, too, becausethis was probably the first time I felt really proud of what I accomplished. These croissants were definitely a labor of love (and time!) to make, butI know it’ll be easier the second time around, especially since I won’t be watching the clock as much while the dough chills. It’s a bad habit, but I can’t help it; as a noobie cook, I’m always anxious to get to the next step, like the next plot turn in a movie. To me, waiting around doing nothing is worse than holding a hand mixer for 15 minutes straight.

And, of course, I’m always anxious to get to the eating part.

Honey Butter Croissants - Cheddar's Copycat Recipe (3)

I was also pretty excited with how the honey butter drizzle turned out. It’s pretty spot on with the restaurant version, and it’s only 3 ingredients.

Honey Butter Croissants - Cheddar's Copycat Recipe (4)

I tried both dunking and drizzling the croissants with the honey butter sauce, butin the end, I opted for both.

Because why not?

If you’re going to do something, do it right.

Honey Butter Croissants - Cheddar's Copycat Recipe (5)

Even just looking at these pictures, I know I’ll be starting the “croissant process” again soon. I only made one batch and I’m already spoiled by being able to pop one of these in the microwave and drizzle it with a little sauce for breakfast.

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Recipe Details



Honey Butter Croissants - Cheddar's Copycat Recipe (8)

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Honey Butter Croissants

2 hours hrs prep + 25 minutes mins cook + 8 hours hrs Chilling Time

446 kcal

Yields: 12 croissants

With a little time you can make your own flaky, buttery croissants at home with delicious honey butter drizzle.


US Customary - Metric

Croissant Dough
Egg Wash
  • 1 egg

  • 1 teaspoon heavy whipping cream

Honey Butter Drizzle


For the Croissant Dough
  • Using a stand mixerwith a dough hook, combine flour, milk, yeast, salt, vegetable oil, and sugar. Mix dough on low for 3 minutes. If you do not have a stand mixer, mix the ingredients together with a spoon until they begin to thicken, then kneed it with your hands. The dough is ready when it no longer is so sticky that it clings to you fingers or the dough hook. Dough should be tacky, but easy to detach and roll into a ball.

  • Grease a large bowl with butter, then place the croissant dough ball inside. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and allow dough to rise for 1-2 hours in a warm environment. Tip: I ran my dryer on low heat for 20 minutes, turned it off, then placed the bowl inside with the door closed.

  • While dough rises, cut each stick of cold butter lengthwise into 3 pieces. Place butter slices in a Ziploc bag (quart sized), arranging them in as close to a flat layer as possible. Using a rolling pin, roll and press the butter so that the edges fuse together and the butter reaches the edges of the bag. This will create a solid 8x8 square of butter. Cut butter out of Ziploc bag, then wrap the butter square in plastic wrap. Place butter back in the refrigerator until dough is ready.

  • Once dough has risen, the next step is to "laminate" the dough, which is a special technique of folding the cold butter within the croissant dough. Please see > THIS VIDEO < for the best technique on how to do this (trust me, it's much easier to watch than me trying to type it out). Instructions start at the 2:11 minute mark.

  • Once dough has been laminated, refrigerate it overnight.

  • Remove cold dough from refrigerator. Prepare 2 baking sheets by lining them with parchment paper.

  • Dough must remain cold while working (to prevent butter within from melting), so before beginning, divide the dough in half. Keep one half to work with and place the other half in the refrigerator so that it remains cold until ready to be used.

  • Generously flour your work space. Place dough down and roll into a 7 x 20" rectangle, using more flour to prevent sticking as necessary. Cut triangles within the dough, making the small point about 1/4 inch wide and the wide end about 4-5 inches wide. Once cut, roll croissants starting from the wide base toward the small point. Place croissants on the baking sheet 2 inches apart. If desired, curl the ends of the croissant for a more decorative look. Remove the other half of the dough from the refrigerator and repeat the same steps.

  • Prepare egg wash by whisking together egg and cream. Using a pastry brush, coat croissants generously with egg wash.

  • Allow croissants to rise for another 1-3 hours at room temperature. Dough will puff slightly and should wiggle if baking dish is lightly shaken.

  • Preheat oven to 375°F. Bake croissants for 25-35 minutes or until tops are golden brown.

For the Honey Butter Drizzle
  • In a microwave-safe bowl, heat butter until melted, about 45 seconds. Whisk in honey and powdered sugar. If honey will not fully dissolve, heat sauce for another 20 seconds.

Putting it All Together
  • Serve croissants warm with honey butter drizzled on top or as a dipping sauce on the side.


Croissant recipe from Jellibean Journals.

Honey Butter Drizzle recipe from She's Got Flavor.


Serving: 1croissant | Calories: 446kcal | Carbohydrates: 37g | Protein: 6g | Fat: 31g | Saturated Fat: 20g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 88mg | Sodium: 513mg | Potassium: 112mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 8g | Vitamin A: 897IU | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 48mg | Iron: 2mg

I do my best to provide nutrition information, but please keep in mind that I'm not a certified nutritionist. Any nutritional information discussed or disclosed in this post should only be seen as my best amateur estimates of the correct values.

Author: Chrisy

Honey Butter Croissants - Cheddar's Copycat Recipe (2024)


How many calories are in a Honey Butter Croissant Cheddars? ›

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Appetizers Honey Butter Croissants (4) (1 serving) contains 68g total carbs, 64g net carbs, 44g fat, 16g protein, and 720 calories.

How do you dress up croissants? ›

Here are a few of our favorite combinations:
  1. Mascarpone, fresh berries, and a drizzle of honey.
  2. Brie and jam (toasting recommended)
  3. Sliced figs, honey, and sea salt.
  4. Lemon curd and fresh whipped cream.
  5. Nutella, mascarpone, and fruit (such as bananas or berries)
  6. Ricotta, roasted red peppers, salt, and pepper.
Nov 17, 2020

What butter is best for croissants? ›

What butter should I use? French boulangeries use butter that has a high fat content of 85 to 87 percent. For best results use quality butter with a high fat content and no additives or extra water. European style or imported butters can often be found in specialty grocery stores.

Why are Cheddar's croissants so good? ›

What's the deal with the croissants? Honey Butter Croissants are kind of our thing. Every time you visit, we'll welcome you with a freshly baked croissant drizzled in house-made honey butter. And don't worry, we don't judge when you lick your fingers clean.

Can you ask for more croissants at Cheddar's? ›

At Cheddar's, croissants are baked fresh every 20 minutes or less and drizzled with warm honey butter. Each Cheddar's customer receives a complimentary one, and those who want more can order two for $1.99.

How many carbs are in Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen honey butter croissants? ›

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Sides Honey Butter Croissant (1 serving) contains 21g total carbs, 20g net carbs, 12g fat, 2g protein, and 203 calories.

How many calories is the baked potato soup at Cheddars? ›

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen Soups Homemade Baked Potato Bowl (1 serving) contains 39g total carbs, 38g net carbs, 40g fat, 17g protein, and 560 calories.

How much sugar is in mini Cheddars? ›

Nutritional Information
Typical ValuesPer 100gPer Pack (23g)
of which Sugars4.6g1.1g
6 more rows

What is the secret to a good croissant? ›

Master the technique of laminating

This step is crucial in the process to ensure the steam effectively lifts the layers apart during baking. So the chef's secret is in the extra care and attention during laminating to enhance the flaky, weightless, buttery layers of the perfect croissant.

What is the rule for croissant? ›

By law, only a croissant made with 100% pure butter can wear a straight shape as a badge of honor. A croissant made with any other fat, such as margarine or (sacrebleu!) oil, must disclose its impurity with a curved shape.

Should you chill croissants before baking? ›

Before baking, chill proofed croissants for 20 minutes. Preheat oven to 375°F.

Why does butter leak out of croissants when baking? ›

Your butter needs to be pliable and at the same time not too soft at the moment of usage. Help, butter leaks out when baking! Your croissants were probably under-proofed.

What type of flour is best for croissants? ›

Although you can produce excellent croissants from all-purpose flour, bread flour, or frozen packaged white dough, the high gluten content makes for hard and rubbery rolling out. A mixture of 2 parts unbleached pastry flour and 1 part unbleached all-purpose flour gives a dough that is much easier to handle.

How many layers of butter should a croissant have? ›

A classic French croissant has 55 layers (27 layers of butter), achieved with a French fold followed by 3 letter folds. Less layers will mean a different texture (less tender, more chewy, with more defined layers). Too many layers bring a risk of the butter getting too thin and melting into the dough.

What do people have on croissants? ›

Slice it open and add a little fruit spread or jam. The croissant is now like warm flaky pie crust with a delicious fruit filling. Raspberry jam is my favorite. Even better: melt some cheese in the croissant like Swiss, brie, or manchego.

Does Cheddars give you free croissants? ›

Cheddar's even mentions its free menu item on its website: "We want to make sure you always 'get a lot, for not a lot' at Cheddar's. That's why we welcome you with a free round of our fresh-baked Honey Butter Croissants every time you walk in the door."

What do people put on croissants? ›

10 Easy Croissant Fillings for Your Next Baking Spree
  1. Chocolate. Slice your baked croissants in half and spread a thin layer of chocolate ganache on one side (or both). ...
  2. Almond. ...
  3. Fresh Fruit and Nutella. ...
  4. Pastry Cream. ...
  5. Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese. ...
  6. Pumpkin Pie. ...
  7. Gelato. ...
  8. Brie, Bacon and Honey.
Dec 21, 2020

What does the Supreme croissant have? ›

Have you heard of the viral Supreme Croissants from Lafayette Grand Cafe and Bakery in NYC, where the croissants are spiral in shape, filled with a luscious pastry creme, topped with a ganache and further toppings?!


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