Preschool Space Theme Printable Activities - (2024)

Here are 27 free, printable pages of Preschool Space Theme Activities! There is a planets book for kids to make, an astronaut puppet activity, a rocket shape match activity, cutting pages, size sorting worksheets, patterning activities and more.

The inspiration for this bundle of space worksheets for preschoolers came from a reader that took the time to email me. I hope you enjoy these space theme resources!

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Preschool Space Theme Activities

There are a wide variety of space theme worksheets and activities available in this printable resource. There are 27 printable pages in all.

Here is a list and description of each activity included:

Preschool Space Theme Printable Activities - (1)

1. The Planets book for kids to make:

Kids color, cut, and assemble a book about the planets. Once completed, kids can enjoy reading about the planets. There are facts about the planets included. The information was sourced from NASA.

2. Rocket Shape Match:

Trace, color, cut, and paste shapes to create a rocket image.

3. I can draw a rocket!:

Follow four step-wise directions to learn how to draw a rocket.

4. Astronaut Paper Bag Puppet:

Create an astronaut puppet using the printable template and a paper bag.

Preschool Space Theme Printable Activities - (2)

5. Tissue Paper Earth:

Create a beautiful Earth through gluing blue and green tissue paper balls to a template.

Preschool Space Theme Printable Activities - (3)

6. Moon and Rocket Fingerprint Counting:

Use washable ink or glue to add craters to moons and flames to rockets in these two activities.

Preschool Space Theme Printable Activities - (4)

7. Picture Sound Match:

Cut and paste images to the letter that matches the beginning sound.

8. Space Alphabet Coloring Page:

Color a space image and word for every letter of the alphabet. This is also a great way to learn space terminology.

9. What comes next? Patterning Activities:

There are two worksheets that ask kids to complete patterns of space objects.

Preschool Space Theme Printable Activities - (5)

10. Color Your Own Space Pattern:

Create your own pattern of space objects using crayons or markers.

11. Space Coloring Pages:

There are three space themed coloring pages with rockets, astronauts, stars, and planets.

Preschool Space Theme Printable Activities - (6)

12. Cutting Activities:

There are activities to practice straight and wavy line cutting, in addition to a cut and paste planet and sun activity.

13. Size Sorting Worksheet:

Kids cut and paste to sort suns by small, medium, and large sizes.

Preschool Space Theme Printable Activities - (7)

14. Roll and Color Mars:

Kids roll dice and color in the number of circles rolled until the Mars image is filled.

15. Count and Match:

Kids count the space images and draw a line to match it to the corresponding number.

16. Color Space Shapes by Key:

Kids use a key to color space images.

Supplies Needed to Complete These Space Activities

There are a few supplies you’ll need to complete all of these free, printable space activities for preschoolers. Here they are:

  1. Child safe scissors
  2. Paper bag (affiliate link)
  3. Coloring supplies: We like these crayons and markers (affiliate links).
  4. Glue or a gluestick (affiliate links)
  5. Blue and green tissue paper squares (affiliate link)
  6. Dice (affiliate link) or virtual dice

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Get Your Free, Printable Preschool Space Theme Activities

By downloading these Space Printable Resources, you accept these terms and conditions.

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  2. Furthermore, the printable is copyright protected. © 2022 Hey Kelly Marie and all rights reserved.
  3. Additionally, this printable may not be sold, hosted, stored, or reproduced on any other site or blog.
  4. Adult supervision is required for children’s activities. It is up to the child’s caretakers to determine what is developmentally appropriate and safe for their child. Caretakers also have full responsibility for child safety and development.

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What do you think?

I love hearing from readers. What do you think of these space activities? Is there another space activity you’d like me to add? Additionally, please email me at if you have a theme you’d like me to create activities for. These space activities were inspired by an email from a reader!

Preschool Space Theme Printable Activities - (2024)


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