Space Theme Preschool - Planning Playtime (2024)

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Are you looking for fun Space Theme Preschool Activities?

This Set is PACKED with all kinds of space learning fun. Kids will get to use their hands and play while working on counting, letters, patterns and shapes.

There are so many amazing ideas to fill your centers with happy, exciting learning.

Space preschool centers are a great way to get kids working on math and literacy while learning about the planet.

Space worksheets for preschool are a fun way to get some extra tracing, scissors, and gluing practice in.

This set includes a fun preschool rocket theme countdown craft, class recycling labels, as well as lots of fun Earth-friendly learning activities.


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Looking for the manipulatives we used with our Space Theme Activities and Worksheets? We’ve collected all the links for you in one easy place, and we may even get a small commission when you buy through these links. It’s a great way to support our blog at no cost to you.


Our Laminator and Laminating Sheets.


You will probably need a wide variety of Space activities for your preschool lesson planning. We’ve included activities ranging from alphabet and counting to patterns, sight words, and more. Check them out below.

Space Math Activities for Preschool

Anytime we are teaching early math we need to cover different parts of number sense. In the following math activities, you’ll find counting, subitizing, graphing, 10 frames, and more to teach number sense during your preschool Space Day theme.

Star Stamp and Count

Crafts are a great way to practice counting skills. P

Roll, Count and Cover Planets

In this activity we are working on counting and number recognition. We used mini erasers to cover each planet as we rolled the number.

Rocket Countdown Craft

We love this hands – on math craft to blast off into space.

Moon Rock 10 Frames

10 Frames are excellent to help kids develop number sense. Using objects to fill the frame gives them a visual of numbers. Plus, who doesn’t want to be an astronaut and go to the moon?

Space Theme Counting Bin

Sensory bins are one of the best ways to incorporate learning. We used glow in the dark stars and black beans to count the number of stars shown on each card.

Space Rock Exploration

Sorting and classifying in a math skill children need for learning. This activity explores different sizes of moon rocks and also includes some sensory fun too.

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Space Theme Literacy Activities

In preschool, we work on a range of literacy skills depending on where our kiddos are at. Here are earth-themed centers for alphabet letters, syllables, sight words, and more to use in your Space preschool theme.

Letter Matching Rockets

Blast off into space when you match the correct upper and lowercase letters.

Rocket Letter Tracing

Did you know tracing is an important to practice to help a child with their fine motor skills?

Outer Space Letter Sorting

Sorting letters is an easy way to begin letter recognition and the differences between each letter.

Rocket Name Craft

Learning the letters in your name can be the best place to start identifying letters. This rocket name craft is sure to make learning a blast!

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Space Theme Shape Activities for Preschool

Identifying and understanding shapes is a skill needed to help children begin understanding the differences between objects. Here we get to practice matching and building shapes.

Build a Shape Rocket

Print the shape pages on colored paper and cut out the shapes shown to create your rocket.

Alien Shapes Matching

We use shape button all the time for tons of activities to practice matching and sorting shapes.

More Space Theme Crafts and Activities for Preschool

If you need an idea for the art center, circle time, or some fun additional earth day activities, these Earth Day crafts and printables are for you.

Marshmallow Constellations

My kids love “snack-tivities” and this one is a favorite. Using toothpick and mini marshmallows, create the different constellation patterns.

Playdough Space Patterns

Playdough makes a great tool to for working on various skills. We used the dough copy the different space patterns.

Space Theme Craft

With this space craft, your little one can become an astronaut!

Phases of the Moon Craft

This interactive craft allows kids to explore and show and talk about the different phases of the moon.


Space Theme Worksheets

Do you ever need something fast, no-prep, print-and-go for a sub or one of those super crazy preschool days?

These Space Theme worksheets are the perfect last-minute fill-in for your lesson plans. They’re also a lot of fun for early finishers or for take-home packets.

Space Theme Math Worksheets

These space worksheets cover a variety of early math skills. Teach kids shapes, counting, base 10, measurement, and number recognition with these fun math printables.

Space Theme Literacy Worksheets

We are constantly working on early literacy in preschool. These Space literacy worksheets allow you to differentiate between a variety of learning levels. Younger preschoolers and pre-writers can start with the sorting whereas more advanced learners can work on letter sounds and letter tracing.

More Space Theme Worksheets for Preschool

Some of the most important skills preschoolers learn are not math and literacy. With these Space worksheets they can also practice fine motor skills, tracing, scissor skills, and even do a shape and color matching.

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Space Theme Preschool - Planning Playtime (2024)


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