The Best To-Do List Apps for 2023 (2024)

There's nothing wrong with a paper to-do list, but going digital has its benefits. Paper is fine if you enjoy writing by hand, crossing off tasks in ink or pencil, and drawing arrows to show when priorities and deadlines change. The best to-do list apps, however, let you write, organize, and reprioritize your tasks more efficiently. They also let you attach notes, links, and files to a task, and the very best ones also let you see when someone else has completed a task. In many ways, a good to-do program is the ultimate productivity app.

To find the best to-do list apps, we look for ones that are easy to use, offered on all major platforms, and have the tools you need to work productively. After considering dozens of apps in this category, these are the best we've tested, followed by what to look for when choosing the right app for your needs.

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Deeper Dive: Our Top Tested Picks

The Best To-Do List Apps for 2023 (1)


Best Overall

5.0 Exemplary

Why We Picked It

Todoist is a rare five-star Editors' Choice winner because it is simply the best to-do list app on the market. It's designed superbly with all the features anyone could need, such as custom views, natural language input, collaboration options, and more.

Who It's For

We love Todoist Pro for individuals who need to manage all the varied aspects of their lives, from work tasks to grocery shopping lists. The Business grade version of Todoist is also excellent for small teams that need to coordinate ongoing work or lightweight projects collaboratively.


  • Cross-platform support with effortless, reliable syncing
  • Excellent features, such as natural language input and productivity reports
  • Efficient interface
  • Collaboration features
  • Works offline


  • A few important features not available to free users
  • Prices have increased sharply since 2021


$5 Per Month Todoist

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The Best To-Do List Apps for 2023 (2)


Best for Workflow Management

4.5 Outstanding

Why We Picked It

Whenever PCMag readers ask for advice about managing work, our reply always includes the following: "Have you tried Asana yet?" It is hands-down one of the best apps for managing the to-do list of any team or business. It borders on being a full project management app but works equally well if not better for groups of people who need to get work done together. If your team passes along work tasks from one person to another, you should 100% look at using Asana to manage it.

Who It's For

Asana is for teams. Individuals absolutely can use it to manage their own tasks, projects, and lists, but it really excels as a collaborative team app for managing work.


  • Flexible, fast, and modern design
  • Capable free version
  • Feature-rich
  • Timeline view makes it easier to manage dependencies


  • Not ideal for graphics-intensive work
  • Prices slightly higher than competitors'


Today’s Best Deal

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The Best To-Do List Apps for 2023 (3)

OmniFocus 3

Best for GTD on Apple Devices

3.5 Good

Why We Picked It

OmniFocus is an excellent to-do list app with a long features list. It's powerful and it works well. You can add a tremendous amount of detail to tasks. We also like that you buy OmniFocus either as a standalone product for a one-time fee or as a subscription, depending on what works best for your wallet.

Who It's For

OmniFocus is only available on Apple devices, with some support for a web app, so it's really best for people who use a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, but not Windows or Android devices. Beyond that, it's for people who follow the Getting Things Done method of productivity and organization. Getting Things Done is a trademarked method by David Allen who wrote a book by the same name. It prescribes a way to stay organized, and OmniFocus was built and designed for people who follow that method. OmniFocus doesn't offer collaboration, so it's also only suited for people who plan to manage their tasks solo.


  • Designed for GTD
  • Plentiful features
  • Can add a lot of detail to tasks
  • Options for perpetual license or subscription


  • No collaboration
  • Confusing pricing and no free version
  • Not available for Windows or Android
  • Too much clicking and jumping between fields required



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The Best To-Do List Apps for 2023 (4)


Best for the Pomodoro Technique

3.5 Good

Why We Picked It

TickTick is a powerful to-do list app with a reasonable price tag, and you can use it just about anywhere. It's available as a desktop app for macOS and Windows, as well as a mobile apps for iOS and Android that are compatible with Apple Watch and Android Wear. TickTick also has a web app, Chrome app, and browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Who It's For

TickTick is designed to support people who follow both the Getting Things Done method and those who use the Pomodoro Technique. Getting Things Done is a method of staying organized, coined by David Allen and explained in a book by the same name. The Pomodoro Technique is a strategy for focusing on important tasks without wasting time or procrastinating. It involves using a timer, and Tick Tick has one such specialty timer built right into the app.


  • Collaborative
  • Rich with features
  • Cross-platform support
  • Includes features useful for GTD


  • Restrictions on both free and paid accounts
  • No free trial
  • Some features don't work as expected


Free; Offers In-App Purchases

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The Best To-Do List Apps for 2023 (5)

Things 3

Best for Apple Users

3.5 Good

Why We Picked It

Things 3 is a top to-do list app for Apple devices with a superbly designed interface. It's a little light on features, but for some people, its uncluttered nature is what makes it so appealing.

Who It's For

This app has been a niche hit among Mac, iPhone, and iPad enthusiasts for years. It's ideal for people who work solo, as it doesn't support collaboration, and for those who want a minimal interface without sacrificing too much power.


  • Designed well and uncluttered
  • One-time purchase rather than subscription
  • Calendar view with calendar integration


  • No collaboration features, location-based reminders, or web app
  • Only compatible with Apple products
  • No free version
  • Weak natural language input



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The Best To-Do List Apps for 2023 (6)


Best for GTD

3.5 Good

Why We Picked It

Toodledo is a fantastic to-do list app that goes the extra mile. This app wants to help you not only cross all your to-dos off your list, but also adopt new habits and organize your thoughts. It has an exhaustive features list, though it also throws at you an excess of information at every turn.

Who It's For

Toodledo is for people who follow the Getting Things Done method of staying organized and productive. It's also for people who feel strongly about customizing every detail of their to-do list app.


  • Plentiful features
  • Includes features for GTD followers
  • Supports notes, lists, outlines, and habits separately from tasks


  • Paid plans don't offer great value
  • Dated and sometimes counterintuitive interface
  • No apps for Windows or macOS


Free; Offers In-App Purchases

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Buying Guide: The Best To-Do List Apps for 2023

How We Choose the Best To-Do List Apps

To-do list apps are a dime a dozen, and few of them stand out as being much better than others. For example, there are plenty of excellent apps for Android or iPhone, but they do you no good when you're working on a laptop and need to jot down a thought quickly without picking up your phone and losing your place.

The Best To-Do List Apps for 2023 (7)

(Credit: PCMag)

That's why for this list, we only include apps that you can access on both desktop and mobile devices. After evaluating around 25 possible contenders, we tested and evaluated them and selected the highest-scoring apps to list here.

One of the major points of consideration when testing and scoring is how well these apps help you organize and stay on top of your tasks. We also consider collaboration, meaning the ability to share a to-do list with other people, though we see it as a bonus feature and not a requirement to be included.

We also looked for apps that fit different user profiles, such as people who follow the Getting Things Done (GTD) method of organization (OmniFocus 3 and Toodledo are good choices).

One of the most popular to-do list apps, Wunderlist, was acquired by Microsoft in 2015 and taken out of commission five years later. Microsoft's stated ambition was to build a replacement app for Wunderlist from the ground up, cloning all its best features in the process. The new app, Microsoft To Do, frankly took too long to come to market and arrived half baked, which is why it isn't included here. It scored too low.

What to Look for in a To-Do List App

There are a few qualities to look for in a to-do app. The top three are:

  • design,

  • tools for managing and organizing your tasks, and

  • collaboration options

Design is extra important in this category of apps because you end up looking at your to-do list app often. How will you get anything done if you can't stand looking at your ugly app? A good design also allows the app to feel intuitive, so you can write down things that come to mind quickly.

The Best To-Do List Apps for 2023 (8)

(Credit: PCMag)

Every to-do list app comes with tools and features for organizing your tasks and lists, and in an ideal world, these features match up with the way you think. For example, if you are a highly visual person, you might find that color-coding your lists or tasks to show priority is important. If you are a deadline-oriented person, you'll want an app that sorts your tasks by due date and or shows them in a calendar view. If you're forgetful, you might want an app that sends you reminders on different devices.

As for collaboration, it's always handy to have the option to share a to-do list. For home use, a collaborative to-do list means you can assign chores to other people or track when someone has purchased items off a shared shopping list. In business settings, collaborative task management makes working together easier and more transparent.

What Is the Best App for To-Do Lists?

Our overall top winner is Todoist. Todoist is the best to-do list app you'll find. It works on every platform. You can use it for free or pay a reasonably fee to get all the features. It's designed in a way that makes it productive to use. You get plenty of customization options. It does everything you could want.

The Best To-Do List Apps for 2023 (9)

(Credit: PCMag)

What's the Best Free To-Do List App?

Several of the best to-do list apps have a robust free service tier. Of them, our favorites are Asana and Todoist. Asana may be too free-form for some people's tastes. Todoist has a more inherent structure.

Another good free app is Remember the Milk, which scored a little too low to make it onto this list of the best to-do list apps. Remember the Milk looks old-school compared with the best to-do list apps, but it's capable and reliable. It's also highly intuitive. You can figure out all the ins and outs in minutes.

Many of the other to-do apps on this list are excellent, but their free versions are quite limited compared with the power of their paid versions.

The Best To-Do List App for Teams

It should come as no surprise that our top picks for teams are also the Editors' Choice winners: Todoist (go for the Business subscription in this case at $8 per person per month or $72 per year) and Asana's Premium, Business, or Enterprise plan (starting at $13.49 per person per month).

Todoist works best among small groups of people organizing relatively uncomplicated tasks, whereas Asana is better for managing more in-depth teamwork, the kind of work that changes between many hands and passes through a lot of phases before it's complete.

Recommended by Our Editors

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To-Do Lists vs. Project Management Apps

An ongoing challenge in the world of software is deciding what gets classified as a project management app and what fits into other categories, such as to-do list apps and work-management apps.

We take the view that project management apps must be designed to specifically manage project-based work and offer Gantt charts. Project-based work means a series of tasks that has a start date, end date, and deliverable. Building a house is a project. Sending a rocket to the moon is a project. Answering support emails, however, is a series of ongoing tasks and not a project.

Occasionally, we encounter an app that straddles more than one category. Here, Asana is that app. It now includes tools for traditional project management, but it also works perfectly well as a to-do list app.

Overall, project management apps and collaborative to-do apps serve the same general purpose but at a much different scale. They both keep track of what needs to get done, when, and by whom. They help people manage time more efficiently and regulate how many tasks are assigned to each person on a team. Project management apps help large groups of people juggle schedules, resources, and budgets in a way that to-do list apps can't. To-do apps are simpler and cost less than project management software. For many types of work to-do apps are a better fit.

Use Your To-Do List to Get Organized

Having a great to-do list app can help you get organized and get more done, whether you want to manage personal tasks or those of a family or small team.

A to-do app is only as useful as the information you put into it, so in addition to picking the right app, you might also want to peruse these tips for creating better to-do lists. If you're looking to share to-dos, you might also want to look at our story on how to make a family to-do list and calendar.

The Best To-Do List Apps for 2023 (2024)


Is there an app to keep track of things? ›

Google Keep

Google Keep is a simple note-taking and to-do list app. It offers simple and intuitive functionality with colored labeling and team sharing. It is fully integrated with other Google offerings such as Google Docs and Gmail, which makes it extremely helpful.

What is the best AI to do list? ›

Top To-Do List Apps of 2023
  • TickTick. ...
  • ...
  • OmniFocus. ...
  • Sunsama. ...
  • ToodleDo. ...
  • Habitica. ...
  • Trello. Trello is a highly flexible project management application that also serves as a to-do list, organizing your tasks in a clear and engaging way. ...
  • Things. Things is a to-do list tool that lets you organize and manage your tasks easily.
Jul 26, 2023

Is there an app for daily tasks? ›

Todoist offers everything you need to manage your daily workload: create new tasks, edit them, rearrange, label, and filter. You can group tasks into projects and prioritize tasks by either rearranging their order or highlighting the most important ones. Each task can have a subtask.

What are the disadvantages of using Todoist? ›

While the features that Todoist offer are strong, there is a lot to be desired. Adding sub-tasks is a great feature, but adding the time and priority makes the task list more difficult to manage because the sub-task is not tied to the specific main goal.

How do I keep track of everything I need to-do? ›

  1. Choose the Right App...or Paper. ...
  2. Make More Than One List. ...
  3. Write Down Your Tasks as Soon as You Think of Them. ...
  4. Assign Due Dates. ...
  5. Revise Your To-Do Lists Daily. ...
  6. Limit Yourself to 3–5 Tasks per Day. ...
  7. Put Tasks on Your To-Do List, Not Goals. ...
  8. Keep Goals and Objectives Separate.

Does Google have a To-Do List app? ›

Note: If you do not see the toolbar with the Tasks app icon, click the < at the lower-right corner. The toolbar will slide in from the right. Mobile: Google Tasks is also available as an app for Android, iPad, and iPhone.

What is the AI app that everyone uses? ›

It is all because of Lensa, an app which uses artificial intelligence to render digital portraits based on photos users submit.

What is the most popular AI app right now? ›

Top AI Apps
  • ChatGPT.
  • Bing.
  • Facetune.
  • Lensa.
  • Alexa.
  • Siri.
  • Socratic.
  • Cleo.

What is this AI app that everyone is using? ›

Lensa is the AI photo editing app everyone is using on Instagram! The app became massively popular this past week as this new trend continues to go viral on IG.

Is Google Tasks any good? ›

Google Tasks is great for creating and managing to-do lists.

Google Tasks has Gmail and calendar integration. Possibility to create to-do lists that can be shared with other colleagues. Possibility to create reminders and notifications.

How can I organize my tasks for free? ›

  1. TimeCamp. Time tracking software to automatically track billable hours and task progress. ...
  2. TimeCamp Planner. Collaboration and task planning app with chat. ...
  3. MeisterTask. Lightweight online task management software for teams. ...
  4. Todoist. Simple task manager for teams and individuals. ...
  5. Trello. ...
  6. Asana. ...
  7. nTask. ...
  8. Flow.
Mar 17, 2023

What is the difference between task and to do list? ›

The main difference between Tasks and your To Do list is that when you flag an email in Outlook, it will automatically be added to your To Do list, not Tasks. However, if you want to make an email a task, you can select it and drag it into the Tasks icon.

Is Things 3 better than Todoist? ›

While Things is great for task management and project management, there're some limitations as compared to Todoist: Doesn't support teamwork (it's not a weakness necessarily). Apple ecosystem only (doesn't even have a web app). Doesn't support attachments via email (it's a big deal for me).

Which is better Asana or Todoist? ›

It depends on your needs. If you need a comprehensive tool that will help you track your progress on projects, then Asana is the better choice. However, if you need a simple tool to help you keep track of your tasks, then Todoist would be the better option.

How can I track my daily activities? ›

How do you keep track of your daily tasks?
  1. The date: keep the date at the top of your list. ...
  2. All the tasks for the day: be sure to include the most significant tasks for the day and be realistic about it. ...
  3. Meeting times: this is extremely useful info if you usually have several meetings throughout the day.
Jun 9, 2022

Are tracking apps illegal? ›

A person may not knowingly install a tracking device or tracking application on another person's property without the other person's consent. (b) The consenting person or the person to whom consent was given files an injunction for protection against the other person.


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