Top Causes Of Chevy MyLink Screen Glitch - Car Super Care (2024)

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  • 6 Common Causes Of A Chevy MyLink Screen Glitch
    • 1. Software Error
    • 2. Blown Fuse
    • 3. Damaged Screen
    • 4. Faulty Battery
    • 5. An Issue With The Electrical Connector
    • 6. Worn Wires
  • How To Reset The Chevy MyLink Screen After Fixing The Problem
  • Conclusion

Are you experiencing your Chevy MyLink system glitch? If so, you have come to the right place!

Encountering this problem can ruin a beautiful day, especially when far away from a mechanic shop. That’s because you won’t be able to use its essential services such as maps, radio, and Bluetooth.

Top Causes Of Chevy MyLink Screen Glitch - Car Super Care (1)

It can also increase the risk of accidents since the flickers take your focus away. After reading this article, you should know what causes this issue and how to fix it.

6 Common Causes Of A Chevy MyLink Screen Glitch

Many factors can contribute to this issue. For instance, they can be due to the components that make up the Chevy MyLink screen or external components.

They include the following:

1. Software Error

Are you experiencing a problem after disconnecting the battery and connecting it back? If yes, this might have to do with a software error.

The system uses software to run features such as maps, cameras, radio, etc. But this software is prone to errors that can affect the overall performance of your Chevy MyLink screen.

For instance, the software might develop bugs that make it hard to troubleshoot after an interruption due to odd electrical issues. You will have to do adeep software updateto solve this problem.

Your car’smanualshould be able to show you how to do so. But, if the glitch is still there after updating it, other issues might be causing it.

2. Blown Fuse

For the Chevy MyLink to work, it must be supplied with an electric current. Therefore, there must be an electric fuse between the connections to prevent the effects of extreme voltage.

However, sometimes this fuse gets blown or damaged, thus allowing little to no current to reach the MyLink. A very low voltage will cause it to flicker or even develop a glitch.

Therefore, it will save you some time to check the condition of the fuses whenever you experience a problem with the Chevy MyLink.

If the fuse blows up, you will have to replace it, but if the fuse is in perfect condition, then you can proceed to check the other causes of your MyLink glitch.

3. Damaged Screen

Have you ever seen adamaged laptop screen?How does it behave?

Well, it flickers whenever you turn your device on. Like any other screen, the Chevy MyLink screen also flickers whenever it is damaged from the inside.

Various factors, such as accidents or driving your car at high speed over potholes or speed bumps, can result in screen damage.

Therefore, whenever you experience a Chevy MyLink glitch such as flickering, one of the things you should do is check if the screen has been damaged. In most cases, you can quickly identify a crack in the screen.

It is hard to repair the screen when damaged; hence,you must replace it. It might cost you some money; thus, you should avoid actions that endanger it.

4. Faulty Battery

The Chevy MyLink needs sufficient voltage to work. But sometimes,the voltage that reaches it is low, making it flicker or experience a glitch.

This problem usually arises when you stop the car as the battery will drain up faster than the rate it charges. The battery can behave this waydue to old age or electrical problems such as a short circuit.

To solve the issue of a MyLink glitch due to a faulty battery, you will have to repair the battery. If you don’t have enough expertise to do so, it is better to take it to a professional to avoid further damage.

However,if the battery is damaged beyond repair, you can only fix the problem by installing a new battery.

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5. An Issue With The Electrical Connector

The electrical connector is found at the end of the wires that supply voltage to the MyLink, and its function is to complete the circuit.

These connectors can get loose over time; hence the wires won’t supply voltage to your Chevy MyLink continuously.

When this happens, its screen will flicker or even develop a glitch that tends to go away whenever you twist the connectors into place.

You can use scotch tape to hold the connectors firmly in their sockets to solve this issue.

Youcan also use a wire to tie the voltage wires to the car’s wallsto prevent them from moving when driving and causing them to unplug from their sockets.

But if you are looking for a more permanent solution to this problem, you can replace the connector with a new one.

6. Worn Wires

Worn voltage wires may also cause the Chevy MyLink screen glitch. The voltage wires can wear out due to corrosion or electric shorts.

They will not supply continuous current when they do, hence the flickers. They may also supply little current that may not be enough to power it.

If you identify that faulty wires are behind the problem, replacing them with new oneswill be the best thing to fix the problem completely.

How To Reset The Chevy MyLink Screen After Fixing The Problem

Can’t access the Chevy MyLink screenafter fixing the issues that make it glitch or flicker? Don’t worry since we have got you covered!

All you have to do is reset the whole system. You can do so by following these steps to the later:

  1. Turn off the carandremove the key from the ignition socket. It will reduce the probability of encountering a voltage spike.
  2. Unhookthe battery cables. Make sure youstart with the negative cablebefore proceeding to the positive cable.
  3. Connectthe positive cable to the negative cable. As you do so, make sure that both cablesare far from the battery terminals.
  4. Reinsert the keyto the ignition socket and thenturn it on.
  5. Wait for around 10 minutes, and then turn the key toswitch the ignition off.
  6. Unplug the key from the socketand thenreconnect the cables to the battery. Make sure youreconnect the positive cable first.
  7. Check if the reset iscomplete.

The above steps willbring back the system’s featuresin many cases. But if they fail to do so, you will have to use ascan tool.

The scan tool willdiagnose specific issues with the component you could not identify.


Many things can cause a Chevy MyLink screen glitch. They include a faulty battery, issues with electrical connectors, damaged wires, a problem with the fuse, and a software glitch.

These issues do not only affect the performance of the system but can also ruin your mood. Worst of all, the flickers from its screen can also cause accidents.

Therefore,you should check and correct them as soon as you can. In most cases, it has to do witha straightforward issuethat you can fix yourself without incurring a lot ofmoney.

But you should be aware that the screen features might not come up automatically; hence, you will also have to reset the system.

Top Causes Of Chevy MyLink Screen Glitch - Car Super Care (3)

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Top Causes Of Chevy MyLink Screen Glitch - Car Super Care (2024)


Top Causes Of Chevy MyLink Screen Glitch - Car Super Care? ›

Bad Battery: A weak or bad battery can cause the Chevy MyLink to glitch or flicker. To solve this problem, you'll need to make sure the battery is fully charged or replace it if it's bad. Bad Electrical Connection: Occasionally, an electrical connector or wire will work itself loose.

How do I reset my Chevy MyLink screen? ›

It's very simple. To reset your Chevy MyLink system entirely, hold down the Home and Fast Forward buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds. Doing so should reboot the system and resolve any problems that you're having.

Why isn't my Chevy MyLink working? ›

Just hit the home button to go to your radio's settings, and scroll down until you see the CarPlay & Android Auto toggles. Make sure Android Auto is enabled!

How do I reset my MyLink Bluetooth? ›

To reset the entire system, hold down both the reverse and fast forward buttons for 10 full seconds. This will reset your whole MyLink system—not just your Bluetooth—but it should also be enough to resolve any connectivity issues. policy quotes in just 45 seconds.

How do I update MyLink firmware? ›

When you get the update alert, go into the myLink app and go into the update section. Then run the update. This process is the same on iPhone and Android devices.

How do you reboot the Chevy infotainment system? ›

Press the home and fast-forward buttons for at least 10 seconds. Press the Onstar call button, then hang up. Turn the car off, then turn it back on again.

How do I mirror my iPhone to my Chevy MyLink? ›

Using your iPhone's Lightning cable, USB-A or USB-C, depending on your model, connect your phone to the vehicle's USB data port. Unlock your phone. Consent pop-up will be shown to enable or disable Apple CarPlay. Follow the prompts on the screen and on your phone to start using CarPlay.

Can I play a movie from my phone to my car screen? ›

Ans: Yes, you can play videos via your phone on the car's screen. To stream videos, iPhone and Android users can connect to the car screen through Bluetooth, WiFi, hotspot, and USB.

What apps are available for Chevy MyLink? ›

What apps are available on Chevy MyLink?
  • OnStar. OnStar is a safety and security system that has existed inside vehicles for several years, and now, with Chevy MyLink, you can access the best features of OnStar from your smartphone or car's touchscreen. ...
  • Stitcher. ...
  • Pandora. ...
  • Sirius XM. ...
  • Teen Driver Technology. ...
  • MyLink Marketplace.
Feb 16, 2023

What happens when you reset Bluetooth module? ›

If you have problem with a connected Bluetooth device you can reset the Bluetooth module entirely from the Debug menu. This will wipe the Bluetooth configuration, reset the Bluetooth hardware, and disconnect any connected Bluetooth devices.

Why is my Chevy screen glitching? ›

Bad Battery: A weak or bad battery can cause the Chevy MyLink to glitch or flicker. To solve this problem, you'll need to make sure the battery is fully charged or replace it if it's bad. Bad Electrical Connection: Occasionally, an electrical connector or wire will work itself loose.

How do I reset my car infotainment system? ›

Press and hold the right seek as well as volume down button for several seconds and it will reset.

What is MyLink infotainment system? ›

Chevy MyLink is designed to create a seamless sync between your Chevy entertainment system and your smartphone via Android Auto™ or Apple Carplay® or so you can enjoy streaming options and your favorite apps at your fingertips! You can use your smartphone synced with MyLink to access: A vast app library.

What is the latest version of Chevy MyLink? ›

Now MyLink has evolved into Infotainment 3, Chevy's official new software.

How do I manually update firmware? ›

Log into your router's firmware and go to the Firmware Update section. Look for a manual update option. Click the button to browse to the IMG file or other file and then upload it. Click the Update button to install the new firmware.

What does updating my firmware do? ›

A Firmware update improves the functionality and features of your device. It can provide fixes to any performance issues that may occur. With the ever-changing advances in technology, a firmware update also helps a device remain competitive with newer models. Downloads are posted on your model support page.

What is ECU reboot? ›

What happens when you reset an ECU? By resetting the Engine Control Module, you can return your car to its factory settings. This will erase any error codes or radio stations that were stored in the car's memory. Furthermore, it also affects the car's performance for a while, until it adapts to your driving style.

Can you mirror Netflix to CarPlay? ›

Rely on these steps to successfully know how to play Netflix on CarPlay
  1. Get the app from the App Store and install it on both iPhone and CarPlay.
  2. Before launching them, connect both devices to the same internet connection.
  3. On your iPhone, tap the “screen mirroring” icon on your Control Center.
Apr 26, 2023

What is the magic box for cars? ›

The Magic Box is designed to be a plug and play car accessory that connects to your vehicle through CarPlay USB connection. Once connected you will be able to access wireless connection to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto along with our streaming platform to download and enjoy favorite apps on-the-go.

How do I play videos from my phone to my Chevy MyLink? ›

Connect Wirelessly

Make sure your vehicle is parked. Tap the gray ANDROID AUTO icon on the infotainment screen. Pair/connect your phone to the infotainment system using Bluetooth. Follow the prompts on the screen and on your phone to start.

Does Chevy MyLink support MirrorLink? ›

Connect Android Auto to your Chevy Mylink via USB cable and you will be able to mirror your phone display.

How do I get CarPlay on MyLink? ›

HOW DO I CONNECT CARPLAY WITH CHEVROLET MYLINK? Before you can connect to Chevrolet MyLink, you need to set up a physical connection. Plug your lightning cable into your vehicle's USB port and plug it into your iPhone. You should see the APPLE CARPLAY or PROJECTION icon on your infotainment screen once you connect.

How do I get my iPhone video on my car screen? ›

Make sure that your stereo is in wireless or Bluetooth mode. Then on your iPhone, go to Settings > Wi-Fi, and make sure that Wi-Fi is also turned on. Tap the CarPlay network, and check that Auto-Join is turned on. Then, go to Settings > General > CarPlay, and select your car.

Can I cast to my car screen? ›

Cast To Car Screen - Screen Share, Screen Mirroring and Miracast for android to Car. Cast To Car Screen is you can connect your phone to a Car screen without using any cables, this application will help you mirror the phone screen mirroring, screen sharing with the car screen for you to drive safely.

What is MirrorLink in car? ›

MirrorLink is a software programme enabling your car's central display to mirror some of your smartphone apps and features. Working similarly to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the beauty of MirrorLink is that it is platform-agnostic.

How do you diagnose Bluetooth problems? ›

Be sure to follow the steps correctly.
  1. Restart Both Phones. First things first, reboot your Android phone as well as the other phone you're trying to connect to. ...
  2. Remove Bluetooth Cache. ...
  3. Unpair the Device. ...
  4. Turn on the Discoverable Feature. ...
  5. Reset Bluetooth Settings. ...
  6. Update the Software.

What causes Bluetooth connection failure? ›

If your Bluetooth devices won't connect, it's likely because the devices are out of range, or aren't in pairing mode. If you're having persistent Bluetooth connection problems, try resetting your devices, or having your phone or tablet "forget" the connection.

Why is my car Bluetooth breaking up? ›

Bluetooth transmission is affected if too many applications are running at the same time on the connected device. Close applications that you are not using to avoid slowing down the Bluetooth transmission. The sound may skip if the music being played has a high bit rate.

Can Chevy MyLink be upgraded? ›

When Chevy MyLink software updates are available, they automatically update when you turn your car on. If for some reason you suspect that your Chevrolet MyLink update isn't happening, give our technicians a call at (248) 795-1841.

What is the difference between Chevy MyLink and infotainment system? ›

You may also wonder the differences are between Chevy MyLink and the Chevrolet Infotainment 3 system. Put simply, MyLink an advanced entertainment system that improves Streamwood drivers' daily travels. It offers advanced convenience features, smartphone integration, driver safety tech, and more.

How much does MyLink cost? ›

At $39.99/month, you get unlimited 4G LTE data, Connected Navigation, and Turn-by-Turn Navigation. With Turn-by-Turn Navigation getting directions is as easy pushing the OnStar button and telling the advisor where to go. Directions are downloaded directly to your vehicle and will also be called out for every turn.

Will a factory reset fix Bluetooth issues? ›

Reset the Bluetooth Settings

Another solution is to reset your phone's Bluetooth settings. This will erase all of your custom Bluetooth settings and restore them to defaults. To reset the Bluetooth settings, go to Settings > System. Then, tap on the Reset phone or Reset options.

What is the difference between Bluetooth module and Wi-Fi module? ›

Difference Between Bluetooth And WiFi

Both Bluetooth and WiFi modules are wireless module technologies that can be used to connect your devices, but they function very differently. Bluetooth solely connects your devices to one another; WiFi primarily connects your gadgets to the internet.

Why won t my chevy remote work? ›

How do I get my key fob to work again? If your key fob still does not work, you may need to change the battery. Keyless entry remote controls are powered by small, circular batteries. To change the battery, use a screwdriver to pry open the remote and remove the old battery and replace it with a new one.

Why is Uconnect not connecting? ›

Perform a hard reset in the phone by removing the battery (if removable – see your phone's owner's manual). Delete the pairing history in your phone and Uconnect® system, which is usually found in the phone's Bluetooth® settings. Verify you are selecting “Uconnect” in the discovered Bluetooth devices on your phone.

Why is my phone not connecting to my car through USB? ›

If you can't connect, try unplugging the USB cable and reconnecting it again. If possible, try restarting your car's infotainment system, then try to connect again. If Android Auto has previously worked with your device and car, it is likely that the problem is with your cable.

Why is my car not responding to my remote? ›

This usually happens because of low batteries, but shock can also cause the fob to lose its pairing. Most remotes can be reset, so check your car's user manual for the resetting sequence. If resetting fails to solve the problem, the fob will need to be reprogrammed.

What causes car remote to stop working? ›

Remote car key battery issues

Most remote car keys use lithium ion coin batteries, which have a long, but not limitless, shelf life. A dead battery is usually the primary cause of remote car key failure, so should be the first thing you check if your remote car key stops working.

What can interfere with key fob signal? ›

Here we discuss a few possible reasons for a car not detecting the key fob:
  • Dead key fob battery. ...
  • Using the wrong key. ...
  • Faulty or damaged key fob. ...
  • An issue with the keyless entry system or start button. ...
  • Worn out car battery. ...
  • Vehicle locks. ...
  • Broken contacts or misaligned buttons. ...
  • Radio interference.
Jun 30, 2021

What apps work with Chevy MyLink? ›

What apps are available on Chevy MyLink?
  • OnStar. OnStar is a safety and security system that has existed inside vehicles for several years, and now, with Chevy MyLink, you can access the best features of OnStar from your smartphone or car's touchscreen. ...
  • Stitcher. ...
  • Pandora. ...
  • Sirius XM. ...
  • Teen Driver Technology. ...
  • MyLink Marketplace.
Feb 16, 2023

Do you have to pay for Chevy MyLink? ›

If you like what Chevrolet MyLink can do, you may be wondering which models offer this convenient technology. While all new models Chevy models can be equipped with MyLink, full access to MyLink features requires a subscription to the All Access package.

Does Chevy MyLink have an app? ›

Simple. Seamless. Turn your compatible smartphone into a mobile command center for your vehicle – even when you're not near it. The available myChevrolet Mobile App has almost everything you need to take your ownership experience to the next level.

Why isn't my phone connecting to my car screen? ›

Reboot the Android smartphone or tablet. A restart can clear out any minor errors or conflicts that might be interfering with the connections between the phone, the car, and the Android Auto apps. A simple restart could clear that out and get everything working again.

How do I reset my USB ports in my car? ›

Using the needle or sharp-edged object, pull up the two pins you spot, but do so gently in an upward direction. That should tighten the USB port properly. Often though, an easy solution to fixing USB ports that aren't functioning properly is to switch off your engine and simply turn it back on.

Why won't my car recognize my iPhone USB? ›

If your iPhone isn't detected by CarPlay, make sure that CarPlay isn't restricted. Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions. If Content & Privacy Restrictions is on, tap Allowed Apps, and make sure that CarPlay is enabled. Go to Settings > General > CarPlay, tap your car, then tap Forget This Car.


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